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We're Sorry, this Project Has Ended

This project will not be completed. Emails regarding the project will not be returned, and we will not release any resources related to the project to the public. Thank you for your interest over the years, and we're sorry that we will not be releasing anything to you at the end of it all.

Sorry for the lack of updates posted by Corda on 10-04-2004 22:16

We have been busy writing parts of the game, in addition to overhauling some aspects of the game design. Some of us have also been getting back to school and/or work, and as such we have taken a small break from production, which as of now is over. Expect a new site soon, in addition to some bigger updates and hopefully new screenshots.

Thanks very much for your patience, we look forward to discussing the development in more detail with you soon.

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Media now up. posted by Corda on 07-26-2004 19:28

Some pictures and music from the game is now up. Go the 'Pictures' and 'Music' sections to look at some concept art and hear some demo music from the game.

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Updates posted by Corda on 06-24-2004 19:46

Hello everyone!

Well, first of all, you may notice we now have this new script running. I'll be running this script along with the proper site once it has been finished and uploaded.

In other news, we'll try and get some updated screenshots and music to you as soon as possible, hopefully from the outset of the new site.


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