Fierce Legends Software is a non-profit company currently developing a prequel to the SQUARESOFT classic: Final Fantasy VI. 'FFVI: Forgotten Story' is being developed as a PC game, and details events a thousand years prior to that of those depicted in Final Fantasy VI.

Fierce Legends Software is in no way affiliated with SQUARE, SQUARESOFT or any other companies linked with them. Fierce Legends is merely a group of FF and RPG fans who are keen to deliver their vision of a prequel set in the FFVI world. What FFVI: Forgotten Story represents is a highly advanced form of fan media, which is neither endorsed nor approved by SQUARESOFT. As a result, the whole project, from its development to its release, is non-profit. No money shall be made or accepted by either the staff of FLS or any websites participating in the distribution of the project. The product shall come in downloadable form, and will not be released in any tangible sense, either as a cartridge, CD or other based game. The purpose of this is to limit any conflict the project might have with SQUARE, and to greater ensure the success of the project and the ability for the product to reach as many people as possible. This game represents a labout of love in the truest sense, and it is being created; like any fanfic, fanart or FF inspired piece of music, out of a love and respect for the original game, and not as a commercial product. We want to make this game because we are inspired by the beauty of the original, and we hope that you want to play the game for the same reason. Therefore, rest assured that the project and the company will make the final product freely available, and we hope that everyone will enjoy the finished result.

Fierce Legends Software currently have no other projects in production, though this is subject to change after the completion of FFVI: Forgotten Story.

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