"Since the beginning of time, war has changed the shape of the world. It has forged empires and ruined cities, and has haunted every soul that it touches. Countless men, women and children have fallen under its relentless punishment of this planet, and countless more shall fall before it is stopped. I have spent countless years learning the art, the history, and the horror of war so that one day I may prevent its coming and free all lands of it..."

"... and yet here I stand, my banner raised and my hand trembling upon my hilt, awaiting an army of people I call my enemy. After all I have done to protect these lands and these people, I have resorted to the muster of men, of swords, of shields and missiles to destroy all those who oppose our peace..."

"... after all I have done, I have ended my days drenched in the blood of my friends and my people, calling all who will listen to march with me and fight for our world..."

"... after all I have done, War is still upon us, and I can do no more but take up my sword and march to my doom..."

"...this will be the war that decides the fate of all our kind..."

"...this wil be the war that taints the hearts of all those who hear of it..."

"...this shall be..."

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